3 Strategies to Set Boundaries  (for more effective Me-Time!)

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* Discover how you can set your boundaries  
* Learn how to say 'NO' without a feeling of guilt
* Create more time for yourself 

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"A MUST for every mom!
If feels so great to be able to say No better to things
I don't want. Love the strategies!" 

How do I set my boundaries?

Read how you can set your boundaries in a nice, but effective way! 

Set expectations 

Discover how you can set your boundaries in an early stage, before a question even pops up.

How to deal with situations

Learn what to do when someone catches you off guard with a question.

Denise Bexkens

"Setting boundaries as a working mom is absolutely necessary. The 3 strategies made me more aware of how I can set my boundaries in different ways. I'm better able to say 'No' when I need to and that streghtens my confidence!"

Do you want more time for yourself? 

Saying 'No' is difficult for many women. Simply because they often want to please people and be supportive for others. Moreover, it's easier to say 'Yes', because it's the way to the least resistance. But... YOU are the one paying the price in the end.

Setting your boundaries helps you to protect yourself from busyness, stress and overwhelm. As a mom, your to-do lists can seem never ending. You MUST know how to set boundaries in order to create some time for yourself.  

With my 3 Strategies I teach you HOW to do this, so that you can have more time for yourself and the things you find important.  

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A note from me

Hi! My name is Octavi Hermans (1983) and I am a Trainer, Coach, mom of two and founder of IBusinessMom: the platform for ambitious female professionals. I support working moms to transform being busy all the time, stress and overwhelm to rest, being fully in control and happiness. 

With 15 years experience in the development and executing of learning activities in leadership skills (both strategic as operational level, both individual as in teams) + my experience as a mom, I know how to stay in charge in this demanding phase of life.

As a Trainer-Consultant I've seen many business and organizations from the inside. It are dynamice work environments where I've seen many women with young kid(s) are struggle in finding a good balance

When you become the best CEO of your life, you'll have more time for yourself and be able to really enjoy the things that make you happy. 
I believe that every mom deserves some support and an easy road towards more rest and a healthy balance.
Setting your boundaries with the strategies I'll be teaching you is a great first step! 

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